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A new window of opportunity is currently opening for investments in mid-sized businesses in Israel. In the upcoming period, there will be an increased need for promoting medium size businesses in the fields of industry, trade and services. These businesses will not only require a flow of capital, but even more so, they will need assistance with the implementation and management of key business processes that will lead to growth. The founding of the new Eitan Fund provides an exciting solution for this very need.

The founder of the Eitan Fund is Mr. Elhanan Noam, a seasoned economist who has been instrumental in corporate turnarounds and restructuring of companies over a career spanning 20 years. Headed by Mr. Erez Meltzer – a well respect figure in Israeli industry – The Eitan Fund has recruited a highly-experienced investment committee.

A genuinely unique investment vehicle, The Eitan Fund is poised to bring about a rapid change in mid-sized Israeli businesses, and to also provide attractive returns.

For more information, please contact us: office@eitan-fund.com

EITAN GROWTH FUND - Private Equity
Address: Park Lev Ha'Aretz, Kessem Interchange
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Email: office@eitan-fund.com

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 29, Rosh-Ha'Ayn, 4810001


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